Saturday, September 29, 2007

What is Afghan President, Hamid Karzai thinking?

What was Afghan President, Hamid Karzai thinking when he makes decisions such as this?

Karzai offers government office to Taliban

Especially after this

Taliban unveils hardline Afghan constitution

The 23-page document envisages a country where women would remain veiled and uneducated, "un-Islamic thought" would be banned and human rights would be ignored if "contrary with the teachings of Islam".

But here is the kicker

On freedom of speech the Taliban charter, which is written in Pashto and Dari, is clear: "Every Afghan has the right to express his feelings through his views, writings or through other means in accordance with the law."

However "un-Islamic thought" is strictly forbidden and "violators will be punished according to sharia" - under the Taliban's strict interpretation of Islamic teachings.

Talking to the Taliban with the hope of involving them in government is a serious mistake. They are not interested in peace and reconciliation unless they get everything their way. The Taliban will not accept anything less than for Afghanistan being run under their rules, so talking to them is a waste of time, unless the aim is to return Afghanistan to the 'dark ages'


Anonymous said...

It isn't going to happen.

Just good optics to make the offer. The Taliban is making demands that are unrealistic This exposes the dogma.

Tony said...

True. And it makes you wonder why Taliban Jack favours negotiating with them.

Anonymous said...

The only negotiation that is effective with the Taliban is from the end of a shotgun barrel

Anonymous said...

The Dark Ages mentality of the Taliban is hardwired into their culture. The only way to defeat them is through the decades long attrition of ideas.
Socialists are quite prepared to let these brutes seize power again, as long as it achieves peace.
Right and wrong, good and evil are entirely mutable for the benefit of the now with these superbeings of relativism.
I say stay in Afganistan and let them turn purple with rage defending their selfishness.
Better to give the young girls of Afganistan back to the mullahs than risk a war.

Lycan Stark said...

So Karzai is going to negotiate with the enemy that killed our soldiers, the very enemy that our soldiers DIED against just so he can let them back in the front door?

Just when I thought I had no doubts about this mission. Expect a lot more people to start harbouring doubts now. This is a monumentaly stupid move.